Paise piche kida bhajde ne lokh aaj dekh v liya..

In this video clip you can see Paise piche kida bhajde ne lokh aaj dekh v liya.This is very funny and shocking video.Kade sunde si ke lokh paise piche bhajde ne per aa video dekh ke ta pata lag hi geya ke sach ki hai te kyu pajde ne paise piche dekho eh bhot hi haase wali video te share karo vad to vad.Eh video nu ik din ch dass lakh war dekh chuke ne lokh.We full hope you like this video clip very much,so watch this video clip and enjoy it.Thanks for watching this video clip.

Ultimate thing in the life is ‘satisfaction’ for any being. In general ‘satisfaction’ is absolutely relative factor.
People store their effort in the form of money and that money will be used to get many things like food, house, health, entertainment, power, love and luxuries.
As most people need above things they run (put effort) behind money.
If someone do not need (or already having) above or able to ‘satisfy’ himself with whatever he is having then there is no need of running behind money.
But many fail to understand how much money can satisfy their needs and live like they are here to make only money.

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