Sadak te putthe kamm karde fadegye

In this video clip you can see Sadak te putthe kamm karde fadegye.This is very shameful and viral video,dekho janta da haal jithe marji suru ho jandi aa.Video ch dekho ik premi joda sadak te hi laga si putthe kamm karn per nal hi kehta ch ik banda pathhe vad reha si te ossne dekh liya.Fer dekho kida bhaja ossnu dekh ke eh premi joda jado ossne keha ke khloja hun kider bhaja jana.Video bhot viral ho reha hai ki kahoge es video bare apne vichar deo.We full hope you like this video clip very much,so watch this video clip and enjoy it.Thanks for watching this video clip.

Moral policing as i see it ensuring that a set of values are being adopted and followed by every body in your control region.
There are two types of moral policing.
1) Truly believing that your morals are correct and they are the only way for the better future of your control region. With this as basis you want to ensure that everyone else agrees with it and adopts it
2) Using morals just as means to gather mass and acquire control. It doesn’t really matter whether you truly believe in it. You just need to create an illusion that you are guardian of the aforesaid values.

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